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"It was done without a plan", Kelliçi: Referendum for the bicycle lane in "Myslym Shyri"

"It was done without a plan", Kelliçi: Referendum for the

Public spaces have been described as one of the main concerns for Tirana, in the view of Belind Këlliç, candidate of the "Together We Win" coalition for the May 14 elections.

In an interview for the show "Opinion" on TV Klan, Këlliçi took as an example the bicycle lane on "Myslym Shyri" street, for which he said that a referendum is needed with unit 10, since they were made without a plan by the municipality.

"There is a very big problem. There is a problem regarding the narrowing of public spaces that have been made to Tirana's neighborhoods and emblematic streets. I will give you a concrete example. We are here and you see the bike lane. You see that the frequency of those who pedal on this road by bicycle or monopate is very low.

I invite you, if you want, to ask the businesses on this emblematic road if they agree with what happened because almost all the businesses on this road went bankrupt due to the wrong placement of the bicycle lane", said Kelliçi  .

According to him, the European concept for bicycle lanes is to place them next to pedestrians and not endanger their lives next to cars. According to him, the construction of the bicycle lane on the "Myslym Shyri" street is wrong, and on this issue he said that he will hold a referendum with unit 10.

"In every European concept, the bicycle lanes are next to those who pass by on foot, and their lives are not endangered near cars. You cannot build bike lanes on 3 parallel streets. To build here in "Myslym Shyr", on Kavaja Street and Durrës Street. It was done without a plan. There is not a single resident in the entire street of "Myslym Shyr" who agrees with this situation. I can't tell you the same about Kavaja Street, that it was well thought out.

A lane has been put in the middle and the traffic is free and the shops have a different breath. On this road, you can see that there is a very big problem with these cars that sit very little. This has become mandatory for small businesses, to bankrupt them. The problem is here that I think that in this way a very good solution for the public space is the removal of these completely unnecessary birils, and I promise that I will hold a referendum with unit 10 on this issue after May 14. And the second, the emergency intervention in the interior of the neighborhoods", said Kelliçi


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