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Spaho: We are for early elections, but we want guarantees

 Spaho: We are for early elections, but we want guarantees

Democratic deputy Edmond Spaho spoke about the latest developments in the Parliament, where the last sessions have been characterized by smoke and flames.

Invited to A2 CNN, he was also asked about the idea of ​​early elections.

Spaho emphasized that, of course, the opposition wants early elections, but according to him, a reform of the Electoral Code should be made, so that the possibility of theft is reduced as much as possible.

" We are interested in early elections. Early elections are always in favor of the opposition. A majority that is forced to go to early elections means that it is in trouble. But we cannot allow... here it is not a question of whether we will go to early elections or not. We want guarantees that the elections are not stolen, not robbed.

We are seeking to reform the electoral code to reduce the scope for manipulation. We will find all the choices. We have said that we will come to power through elections, but we cannot enter the elections like a pig in a sack and allow Rama to do what he has done to us other times ," said Spaho.



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