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Sula: The tower in the middle of Tirana is owned by a 23-year-old man

Sula: The tower in the middle of Tirana is owned by a 23-year-old man

Democratic Party MP Dashnor Sula declares that the country's economy is being held up by organized crime and the sale of cocaine.

Invited to the studio of the show "Frontline" in Neës24, he took as an example a tower in the middle of Tirana, which according to him is owned by a 23-year-old man.

According to him, the country's economy is being sustained by organized crime and the sale of cocaine, which then lead to the construction of towers that are not justified.

"If they don't think about the future of Albanians, let them leave Albania in the hands of the regime. I guarantee one thing. If the unification of the opposition does not happen, I guarantee that in 2025 the democrats will not lie that they will gain power, but they will be worse and worse. May 14 was a warning sign for everyone. With so much sin in this government, everyone looks the same to people and everyone is labeled as bad. The question is why the opposition does not raise the spirit and revolt within the citizens.

How can Kukësi, Shkodra, Tropoja, Dibra, Kamza, etc. be lost? How can these strongholds be lost. Why doesn't SP lose its strongholds? Because they know how to work together even though they make dirt. We don't have that spirit, I'm not saying that Berisha should go and we will win. The only solution is to unite the opposition.

On Tuesday, I will make a friendly appeal to all PD members to rise to the right height and not individual interests. The re-establishment must understand that it does not have all the people, but we also received votes from the sigla. There must be union. It is madness if we continue like this and expect different results.

I will contribute to the association of orphans in Peqin, I do not back down from what I say. I do this with pleasure. I want to clarify that I was not against the salary increase because there are people who deserve it, but there are others who do not know how much money they receive and do not deserve to be in those seats. This state is not sorry for the salaries of the administration, but for corruption and theft. If there is no corruption there is so much money for everyone. There are deputies and ministers who see the prime minister and lick their lips as if he is Christ or Muhammad. I get confused when I see this. I respect the prime minister, but they are not masters and they are wrong. The moment you lick and send love messages to the prime minister, we come to this situation.

The economy in Albania is sustained by the market of cocaine and crime drugs. The fact that deposits in euros have increased shows it. Towers are built in the middle of Tirana and it is not verified by the state, where a 23-year-old builds a tower without taking a loan. An economy in this form cannot be maintained" , he said.


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