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Tensions in Kosovo, Alizoti: There is global interest there, not just local

Tensions in Kosovo, Alizoti: There is global interest there, not just local

PD MP Tomor Alizoti commented on the tense situation in the north of Kosovo, stressing that coordination with powerful allies, such as the USA, should be done.

Invited to "Top Story", Alizoti emphasized that Kosovo is a global geo-political phenomenon, at the same time its independence became difficult thanks to the American intervention.

He added that we need to coordinate with powerful allies, as politics in the world works through force.

" Foreign policy is a great national capital for all nations. For countries like Albania it is existential. Albania and Kosovo have achieved their existence, their independence, through foreign policy. Partisan guerrilla movements, because such are the potentials of a small nation, have been achieved through foreign policy. Turning foreign policy into populism and for domestic consumption greatly damages the existence of a people.

I say that we must take into account that Kosovo is a global geo-political phenomenon. It is because since Kosovo's independence was made possible through the superpower of the world, the Americans, it means that it has a world interest. And major world powers were involved in not recognizing Kosovo. It means that Kosovo is an element of world politics.

Our small regional movement must be coordinated with the global movement. It must be coordinated because we exist thanks to a powerful ally. Politics in the world does not work on the basis of justice, but on the basis of force ", said the deputy.




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