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Free public transport, Kelliçi: Takes only 6.8% of the Municipality's budget, saves a family 8500 ALL per month

Free public transport, Kelliçi: Takes only 6.8% of the

The opposition candidate for the Municipality of Tirana, Belind Kelliçi, invited this Monday on Syri TV, gave more details about his project to offer free urban transport in the city.

"Free public transport is possible. This has to do with the people, with the 200,000 citizens of Tirana who are most in need. Free public transport costs 16.5 million euros, this is a burden for the Municipality, it is only 6.8 percent of its budget", said Kelliçi.

The opposition candidate added that with this intervention, the Municipality will save for a normal couple who takes urban transport, at least 85 thousand old lek per month.

He declared that the money is found, if the Municipality does not steal. He brought as an example of mismanagement, a study that was done where it turns out that 38 percent of taxes are not levied, which, according to him, shows favoritism and corruption.

He said that he has a revolutionary plan for public transport, which will not only facilitate all citizens who use buses, offering them for free, but will also reduce traffic and reduce pollution.

Kelliçi said that this costs only 6.8 percent of the Municipality's budget. Also, he added that he will invest 5 million euros for the modernization and increase of the fleet, which will reduce delays.

Kelliç's plan also provides for the placement of signs at bus stations that will show the fixed departure and arrival times of these vehicles, thus saving people waiting time.

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