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Vasili: Rama has lost the right to continue being prime minister, justice should investigate!

Vasili: Rama has lost the right to continue being prime minister, justice should

The vice-president of the Freedom Party, Petrit Vasili, has reacted again to the scandal with the arrested former FBI official, McGonigal, and the connection with Prime Minister Edi Rama.

In a statement to the media, Vasili says that the Albanian citizens have some questions for the prime minister and we forcefully ask the justice to clarify them.

Full statement:

The Department of Justice in the USA has confirmed the continuation of the investigation into Mcgonigal for the complete clarification and identification of every person who cooperated as well as the reasons for cooperation with him. The director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, has declared the development of an extraordinary investigation as the matter is related to the national security of the US but also more widely.

Gonigal's co-habitant has testified for the American justice and the FBI that the key connection point of Gonigal's activity was Edi Ram

In the official indictment, Prime Minister Rama is mentioned 14 times, who is the only prime minister mentioned in the indictment.

However, Albanian citizens have some questions for the prime minister and we forcefully ask the justice system to clarify them.

1. How many times has Gonigal entered Albania?

Only from the photos that have appeared in the media it is clearly understood that the entrances are much more than stated in the report of the Department of Justice.

What is Gonigal looking for and what special contributions has he made to Tropoja to receive the title of honorary citizen. What connects Damian Gjiknuri, who was just the Minister of Energy, with the director of the FBI and with the announcement of an honorary citizen in Tropoja. What contributions did Gonigali have for the city of Kukës and what connects him with the officials there with whom he had lunch and dinner.

What is the private businessman looking for at the official event in the USA for entering the Security Council when Edi Rama says that he does not know him at all but he brought me Gonigal.

Autoritetet shqiptare janë turpëruar mjaft dhe kanë treguar me mosveprimet e tyre implikim, inkriminim dhe asgjësimin e shtetit, ndaj urgjentisht të bashkëpunojnë me SHBA dhe të vënë në dispozicion: 

A. Të gjithë informacionin për hyrje daljet reale të Gonigalit.

B. Listën e plotë e të detajuar të të gjithë personave të kontaktuar prej tij dhe arsyen e këtyre kontakteve. 

C. Intinerarin e lëvizjeve dhe lidhjet me bizneset në Shqipëri.

D. Përfitimet financiare nga fondet publike, duke treguar se paku gatishmëri për të dalë nga ky llum mafioz ku është zhytur vendi

E. Të hetohet deri në fund roli mafioz i  Rosinit dhe Gonigalit  ne djegjen e mandateve, veprimet e tyre, kontaktet me politikën dhe gjithçka që lidhet me këtë moment.

F. Their role in the capture of justice reform, forms of blackmail used on behalf of the United States of America, communications with prosecutors, investigators, SPAK prosecutors, etc.

Edi Rama has lost every right to continue being prime minister.

Edi Rama must leave immediately because he is heavily charged with corrupting high-ranking American officials for the purposes of a mafia attack on the opposition, favoring Russian oligarchs close to Putin, and misappropriating funds and public responsibilities in office of illegal and anti-state actions.

Justice should start urgent investigations from the head of this conspiracy, which is Edi Rama.

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