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Vasili lists 17 questions: This is why McGonigal is trying to capture the National Security Agencies from Rama

Vasili lists 17 questions: This is why McGonigal is trying to capture the

The vice president of the Freedom Party, Petrit Vasili, has raised 17 questions which prove that McGonigal is the evidence that shows that Rama has captured the National Security Agencies.

In a post on Facebook, Vasili writes that national security today is more endangered than ever because of Rama, as he starts the list of questions with the movements of McGonigal, which he describes as mafia, continues with the public funds that went to the companies of Russian oligarchs , to the inclusion of Mark Rossini as McGonigal's sidekick.

Above all, Vasili emphasizes that if the Albanian intelligence agencies will function, the country would have fewer consequences from Rama's scandal with McGonigal.

Vasili's post:

17 questions that show that McGonigal is the evidence of the capture of the National Security Agency by Rama!

National security is today more endangered than ever because of Ram.

In the event that the Albanian intelligence agencies would not have been caught and would have performed their duties only in compliance with the law and not according to the personal interests of Edi Rames, the McGonigal affair would have been neutralized in time and with minimal consequences for the country.

There are some forced and inevitable questions:

Is it difficult to understand and discover that McGonigal's movements were simply mafia activity?

Is it difficult to understand why Prime Minister Edi Rama met with McGonigal in the presence of private businessmen, clearly suspicious and without any tag to participate in meetings between the Prime Minister and the Director of Counterintelligence of the FBI?

Was it difficult to verify the private persons active in this affair, either for their activity or for the connections they had inside and outside the country?

Was it difficult for the services to be immediately set in motion after their total exclusion by Prime Minister Rama in his meetings with Mc Gonigal in the role of Director of counter-intelligence of the FBI?

Was it difficult for the services to prove that public funds were going to companies whose members were oligarchs sanctioned by the US and linked to Putin?

A ishte e veshtire te evidentohej roli i Rosinit, ortakut te McGonigal, nderkohe qe rekordet e Rosinit ishin teper negative ne te shkuaren dhe te njohura boterisht?

A ishte veshtire te kuptohej se perfshirja e Rosinit ne çeshtje shume te mprehta te politikes shqiptare, kur ai nuk kishte asnje lloj tagri publik, ishte qartazi pjese e skenarit mafioz te cilit ai i sherbente?

A kishte veshtiresi te verifikohej dhe monitorohej ngritja e "çuditshme" nje firme private ne mes te Tiranes me ortake dy ish agjente te FBI njeri prej te cileve me rekorde shume kompromentuese si Rosini?

A ka veshtiresi te zbardhej se ç'kuptim kishin levizjet e Mc gonigal neper Bashkite e vendit?

A kishte veshtiresi te kuptohej se keto levizje pervecse nje koperture mafioze nuk kishin asnje lidhje me ndonje aktivitet te paster publik ne ndihme te ketyre bashkive nga ana e Mc Gonigal?

A kishte veshtiresi qe keto sherbime te evidentonin me kohe te gjitha kontaktet me persona te Mc Gonigal ne Shqiperi si dhe te zbulonin se keto kontakte s'kishin asnje lidhje me veprimtari te paster shteterore si dhe qe persona me rekorde teper kompromentuese ishin pjestare konfidenciale te ketyre takimeve?

A kishin veshtiresi sherbimet te kuptonin se levizjet shume te shpeshta te M Gonigalit ne Shqiperi ishin thellesisht te dyshimta dhe mbeshtetja e Kryeministrit Rama per të perfaqsonte nje problematike teper te rrezikshme?

A ishte e veshtire te zbardhej roli i Gjiknurit si pjestar aktiv i aferes ndonese nuk kishte asnje atribut shteteror per ceshtjet e sigurise kombetare pasi ishte thjesht minister i energjise dhe nuk ishte as minister i brendshem, drejtues i SHISH etj?

A ishte e veshtire te zbardhej roli dhe interesat, qe lidhnin Kryetaret e Bashkive nga Veriu e deri ne Tirane te kontaktuar me Mc Gonigal?

Kush i pengonte sherbimet qe te vinin ne alarm sherbimet inteligjente amerikane, qe veprimet nje zyrtari kaq te rendesishem te FBI si Mc Gonigal kishin krijuar nje situate te tille kaq te dyshimte ne Shqiperi por, qe lidhej shume fort edhe me sigurine kombetare te SHBA ?

Kush i pengonte sherbimet, qe te komunikonin me sherbimet analoge te vendeve fqinje kur dukshem Mc Gonigal ka levizur intensivisht dhe ne menyre qartesisht te dyshimte edhe ne shtet fqinje?

The intelligence services, which are so active against the opposition in Albania by intercepting, monitoring and documenting it step by step, why do they close their eyes so flagrantly in front of such a situation as the Mc Gonigal case?

National security is extremely endangered in Albania with these Intelligence Services captured and servants of Edi Rame and not steadfast guardians of the law.

The responsible agencies of the national security and the intelligence services place great responsibilities regarding McGonigal's activity in Albania.

Of course, this responsibility for their inaction must come to the end because the consequences created are very serious.

With the arrest of McGonigal, the USA clearly showed how national security is protected and how respect for the law is an absolute obligation from the first to the last.


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