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"Veliaj inviolable?", Kelliçi: The band of thieves will answer until one

"Veliaj inviolable?", Kelliçi: The band of thieves will answer

The member of the Presidency of the Democratic Party, Belind Kelliçi, said during the meeting with the democrats of Gramsh that in all these years of the government of Edi Rama and Rilindja, no public work has been done in Gramsh, while the only gymnasium is closed and entered the reconstruction worth 850 million ALL.

Kelliçi said that the students of this gymnasium have been transferred to 9-year schools and this reconstruction is sold as the biggest investment for Gramshi. He said that this is making fun of the citizens of Gramsci.

"It is indisputable that in the coming weeks and months, the stamp and logo will go to the Democrats and it is clear as day who the Democratic Party is. With Rilindash's balance, there is no normal citizen who would vote for Rilindash.

6 months after Erion Veliaj entered the Municipality of Tirana, he installed a gang of thieves and thugs who started taking public money from the citizens of Tirana. This is the scheme they use in every municipality, you also have them here in Gramsh.

Those who have raised the myth that they are untouchable sweat even when they go to television studios that have their own.

In the following days you will see new data, that the mafia of socialists installed in the Municipality have reached the point where they have used special applications, where it turns out that Erion Veliaj is also implicated.

And in these conversations it is shown how the tenders were won, how the money was divided.

SPAK should not spare anyone, go to the end of this gang that steals citizens' taxes", said Kelliçi.


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