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The killing of the policeman in the North, Berisha: The Kurti government has taken appropriate steps

The killing of the policeman in the North, Berisha: The Kurti government has

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, spoke about the killing of the Kosovo Albanian policeman by Serbian terrorists and the response of the Kosovo police, killing 3 of the armed terrorists.

Invited to 'A Show' with Adi Krastë on SYRI TV, Berisha said that he supports Albin Kurti in his decisions and actions. As for Vucic, Berisha said that he is a new war-mongering Slobodan.

" Constantly, I have been and am of the opinion in the indisputable constitutional right of the right of the Kosovo authorities to establish the law in the 4 corners of that country. I consider it dereliction of duty if they don't.

I think that the Kurti government has taken appropriate steps in this regard. In my opinion, they could be even stronger, not in intimidating the Serbian population, but in guaranteeing the life and normal development of Serbs and Albanians wherever they are. This for me.

Prime Minister Kurti has taken important steps in this direction. If today in the municipalities of the north of Kosovo, the Serbian police are missing because of the warmonger, the young Slobodan, whose name is Aleksandër Vučič, because he is the one who ordered, without any legal reason, the undressing of the 500 or more policemen who were in these municipalities. This never means that he can take hostage, neither the constitutional order nor the government of Kosovo.

I welcome every step taken in the implementation of the law throughout the territory of Kosovo,' said Berisha.


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