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The elections for the mayor of Tirana, Vasili: Belindi is the solution, Veliaj is the misery that kills all hope

The elections for the mayor of Tirana, Vasili: Belindi is the solution, Veliaj

Petrit Vasili has supported the idea of ​​the candidate of the coalition "Bashkë Fitomje" for the Municipality of Tirana, Belind Këlliç, who said that public transport for the residents of the capital will be free.

Through a post on "Facebook", the vice president of the Freedom Party said that Erion Veliaj is the misery that kills every hope of the citizens of Tirana who has occupied every possible space to build towers.


Belindi is the solution, Veliaj is the misery, which kills all hope! Yes, Belind Kelliçi is the solution. Today Belindi gave us the excellent news that public transport will be free in Tirana and he is very right.

Veliaj & co pay 90 thousand euros per day only for the incinerators. Calculating with the old price of 400 lek, which is the price of the ticket, there are a full 260 thousand tickets per day, which are covered only by the payments for the non-existent incinerator.

Belindi gave us the news of real 24-hour water supply in Tirana and he is right. Because the money from the increased water tax will no longer be stolen, with journalist advisors of the water supply, nor will it be spent on thousands of patronage workers employed in the Municipality of Tirana.

Veliaj is the misery that kills every hope of the citizens of Tirana. Because Tirana is looted every day by him and the revivalists around him.

Its citizens are robbed and stolen by Veliaj of hundreds of millions of euros in taxes for the incinerator, which does not exist, for waste, which is not processed, but is buried, for electoral tenders, for propaganda and for offices, councilors and patronage.

The citizens of Tirana are crushed by Veliaj with taxes, which have only increased in a terrible way, whether for water, cleaning, education, etc. like in no other city.

The citizens of Tirana, because of Veliaj, have the most primitive public transport, which can exist, without standards, with accidents and which creates big delays for the citizens and does not cover the city.

Qytetaret per shkak te Veliajt torturohen ne trafikun e Tiranes ku harxhojne nerva, kohe dhe karburant sepse ashtu i intereson oligarkeve te naftes kliente te Veliajt.

Qytetaret e Tiranes per shkak te Veliajt u shkaterrohet jeta mes kullave pa fund, qe kane shkaterruar cdo hapesire te gjelber dhe qe pastrojne para' ne mes te sheshit.

Qytetaret e Tiranes jane te kercenuar cdo dite nga Veliaj qe u rremben atyre me dhune, polici e bomba tymi banesat dhe pronat pa ligj dhe ne interes te mafiozeve qe ka perqark.

Qytetareve te Tiranes vandalet e Veliajt e te rilindjes u kane shkaterruar cdo gjurme te trashegimise historike e kulturore, qe mafiozet e kullave te bejne para' per vete dhe rilindjen.

Therefore, Belind Kelliçi, a good citizen who loves Tirana with his soul, modest and a good professional, is the only solution in front of Veliaj, who symbolizes a serious mafia problem on the neck of the citizens of Tirana.

You can see the photo of how Veliaj's vandalism has almost completely destroyed the Ethem Bey Mosque in the center of Tirana and the Clock Tower.

The heart of the Historical Center of Tirana is made up of the towers of Veliaj.
Therefore, the only solution is Belindi, to get rid of the Veliaj mafia that kills the hope of the citizens of Tirana.

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