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Zhupa answers the Godfather: Publicly defends the destruction of the environment

Zhupa answers the Godfather: Publicly defends the destruction of the environment

DP deputy, Ina Zhupa, responded to the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mirela Kumbaro, who called her short-sighted regarding the law on Protected Areas. Zhupa writes saying that Kumbaro should go on television to announce her resignation.

" The impudence and irresponsibility of an environment minister who publicly defends the destruction of the environment! Mirela Kumbaro will fill the protected areas with "small spots" of private resorts, clients and family members of the government and this is what she calls "light length"!!!! "To anathema those who invest is short-sighted" says the Godmother of the law in a television interview.

Are you saying that they are investing in their land, in private business and I am being anathema for this?! Meanwhile, Kumbaro is destroying the protected areas, practically turning them into plots of land, where they can be built and concreted. These lands will be given for free to the oligarchs, they will be transformed from public to private, destroying the entire environment and the special ecosystem they have. Are these short-sighted actions for a minister?!

In fact, these actions are criminal, clientelistic laws, with orders that destroy the rule of law and the public good. The Divjaka project is one of the destructions that is ready, but Shushica, Pishë-Porro, Butrint National Park and dozens of other points are next. Mirela should have appeared on television just to announce her resignation, if she had dignity, with this environmental massacre they have prepared ", wrote Zhupa in a post on social networks.

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