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The attack in the north of Kosovo "collides" Bardhi with the Minister of Foreign Affairs

The attack in the north of Kosovo "collides" Bardhi with the Minister

Foreign Minister Igli Hasani and the head of the DP parliamentary group, Gazment Bardhi, clashed in the Assembly over the events that took place in Kosovo.

Hasani said that the terrorist attack in Kosovo is a criminal and dangerous act of aggression against the stability, integrity, independence, order and security of Kosovo.

However, Hasan spoke in the language of Rama when he said that Serbia's declaration of mourning was the worst signal it gave to the region.

"We have been waiting for Serbia to start a serious investigation into the criminal group, potentially involved in an armed conflict in the north of Kosovo and its connection with arms traffickers and other individuals or entities in Serbia or somewhere else. Instead, Belgrade chose to fan the flames of an armed conflict,"  Hasani said.

Bardhi responded to the Foreign Minister saying that he expected the government to condemn the attack, as he informed that the DP has made a resolution to condemn the attack in Banjska.

"I expected him to condemn the attack organized by the Republic of Serbia on the security institutions of Kosovo. Our parliamentary group has proposed a resolution that the Assembly will have to approve an hour before. I would also like to hear the opinion of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs if we should be unified in our position, the Assembly of Kosovo, with the Assembly of Albania condemning first all together as Albanian deputies the attack organized by the Republic of Serbia and secondly what measures our Foreign Ministry is taking in the direction of instigating an international investigation and holding Serbia responsible for the September 24 attack. The remark that our foreign minister read the statuses that the prime minister made without expressing a position of the institution he leads" , said Bardhi.

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