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Uninformed administration / Does not know the category of personal data: Rama's word is 'law'

Uninformed administration / Does not know the category of personal data:

The Commissioner for the Right to Information and Personal Data Protection has conducted a questionnaire related to the category of sensitive personal data, in 121 institutions from the public sector, including central government institutions, local government institutions, independent institutions such as and other institutions.

Referring to the results of the questionnaire, according to Monitor , 39% of the persons who answered the questions were not able to determine exactly what constituted the category "personal sensitivity data". The vast majority of them associated them with the person's name and address.

Regarding the question which of the following data would be classified as sensitive personal data, it turns out that 39% of the answers were referred as sensitive data to some incorrect alternatives, namely, address 11%, name 5% and alternative all of the above 23% of all answers " , it is said in the questionnaire of the Commissioner.

The same is observed in the question of what personal data the employer can legally keep for his employees. According to the answers, 10% identify inaccurate data, which can be administered by the employer such as: 1% GPS address of the mobile phone, 1% Bank details including credit card, 8% Health related data.

The most interesting questionnaire was the result of the answers to the question "What is the legal basis for data processing according to the Albanian legislation on personal data protection?".

Administration officials, 34.4% have identified as legal basis the opinion of Prime Minister Rama. Which means that the administration sees Rama's opinion and speech as law, but does not take into account the consent of the subject to whom the personal data refer.

"This question is aimed at understanding how well informed public administration officials are, what constitutes a legal basis for data processing according to Albanian legislation on personal data protection. From the analysis of the answers it results that, around 34.4% of the respondents have mistakenly identified by selecting as alternative: 1) The opinion of the Prime Minister and 2) The order of the head of the Institution, and not the correct alternative concretely: The consent of the subject data ” , it is said in the questionnaire.

This raises questions about what Prime Minister Rama stated weeks ago, where he said that part of next year's National Consultation will be the question "whether or not citizens want salaries to be made public."

What the public opinion saw as a scandal for Rama was said to have many 'benefits', as according to him businesses received 'lessons' to declare all salaries of employees.

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