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Akriva / Until years I was Lea, this year I am Lea Ypi

Akriva / Until years I was Lea, this year I am Lea Ypi

This article is part of the new section "Archive" opened by Politiko.al with materials taken from the funds of the Periodical and the Book of the National Library. Published in the newspaper "RD", January 4, 1992, no. 90, p. 4.


When asked Lea Ypi who was the best student in the class, he replied: "Like Lea I am, but like Ypi not". The reason was that her grandfather, Asllan Ypi, a law graduate at the Sorbonne, author of many progressive articles in "Bota e re", was sentenced to 14 years in prison by the communist regime in the parliamentary trial. The judges of 1946 obviously, since sentencing Asllan Ypi, had not thought that until December 1990, generation after generation, the tribe of Ypi would easily pronounce the name, but very awkwardly.

Who is Lea Ypi?

He is 12 years old and speaks and writes poetry in three languages: Albanian, Italian, French, and less English. Raymond Lëme, a friend of hers, an elderly intellectual from France, to whom he is now on holiday, says: “It is unimaginable for Lea to create them so beautifully in French. It seems to me that I am reading Jacques Prever, with the difference that you are only 11 years old. "

Mr. La Malfa, the Chairman of the Republican Party, who met Lean by chance at a PR conference in Durrës, was surprised by Lea's creations in Italian.

In an interview with Sokol Muho, he said, among other things: "Little Lea made me cry, talented Italian writers would envy her."

On May 1, 1991, Lea happened to be alone in front of the Tg journalist. 1, Paolo Xhuntela, who had come to get opinions from the people about the election results.

Lea impressed them with the ease of speaking Italian but impressed them more with her political maturity. Her creation in Italian "Grazie Italia" impressed not only Paolo Xuntella but also the Italian viewer. After the interviews he gave in Tg. 1, thousands of letters have been addressed to Italian television and Albanian television. We want to know more about the little Albanian. In response to the requests of the viewers, an Italian television team accompanied by the Albanian one came to Durrës. This time they come especially to give Leas a longer and more detailed interview. The interview was given to Rai Uno, already with the special title "La favola di Lea". In the house where Lea lived, her mother, father, and grandmother who were directly involved in her upbringing were filmed.

After that, Italian Television invites Lean accompanied by a parent for 10 days "Rai's honorary friend." From the steps of the plane in Bari, T3 journalists wait for him and interview him directly. In Rome Lean expects another live interview on TG1. Rai's staff is amazed by the ease of use of the language, the clarity of thought, the poem "Il potere", and the freedom and security of Lea in front of the TV camera. During his stay in Italy, the newspaper "Christian Family" was interested, which published an article accompanied by photos, as well as the association of housewives, which invited him to Milan together with his grandmother to receive an award.

Lea is now only 12 years old, but her parents, the mass of hundreds of thousands of declassed people and spiritually reborn Albanians during this year, understand that it is the democratic processes that created the opportunity for Lea to speak easily and proudly in front of friends, before Albanian and foreign cameras in Albanian, in the languages ​​he knows and in what he will learn in the future: "I am Lea Ypi, the granddaughter of Asllan Ypi, a democrat and progressive condemned by the communist regime." The liberation of this girl from class psychosis is a moral reward for all those who laid even one stone in the temple of democracy.



Power is a good thing

But the poor can not have it

Power is a paradise

But wait for the smile

Those who are powerful

They are rich, but they must be prudent

Power is a miracle

But sometimes it is not

Power is gold, it is money, it is pleasure

But it is not freedom

Power is like a big tree

But with its shadow

It can not cover the little ones

The surrounding trees ...

                                   -LEA YPI

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