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SP's "Aktiv1st" application, IT expert: There are 70 thousand users, it cost over 300 thousand dollars

SP's "Aktiv1st" application, IT expert: There are 70 thousand

The IT expert, Gent Progni, who started to investigate the application "Aktiv1st" of the socialists, said that there are currently up to 70 thousand users.

In a direct connection to Syri Tv, Progni called it an alarming figure as he said that 12 programmers were engaged in building the "Aktiv1st" application.

Progni said that this application cost over 300,000 dollars, money for which no one has accounted.

"We have discovered the list of all those registered in this "database". They can be app or not. The figure reaches 70 thousand users, which in my opinion is very alarming, as far as I have information, so is the administration in Tirana, so it is a very alarming figure. We have found, we are very close to finding the company that made the app. From the information we have, 12 programmers from different countries of the world have worked so far. The application had a different name before, it didn't have the name "Aktiv1st", but apparently it was used to camouflage it and to my knowledge so far, the cost was over 300 thousand dollars. 12 programmers were paid, some were from Ukraine. They were paid for the working hours and the cost was and is really, colossal. As always,, said Progni.

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