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Three "hawks" are arrested in Tirana

Three "hawks" are arrested in Tirana

Three people have been arrested by the Police in Tirana after being accused of being the authors of seven thefts committed in the capital in recent days.

"7 thefts committed in the last few days in Tirana are clarified and documented, the 3 suspected perpetrators are put in handcuffs. Citizens AN, 53 years old, resident of Fushë Krujë, EA, 30 years old, and GD, 40 years old, resident of Tirana, were arrested.

From the investigative actions, it was found that 3 citizens, in the last few days, have committed various thefts in the area of ​​Tirana. The citizen EA is suspected of having stolen a sum of money from a business in "Karl Topia" square, while the other two citizens are suspected of having stolen sums of money from 6 flats, at different times and places", says the Police announcement. .

The procedural materials were passed to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction in Tirana, for further actions.

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