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The son-in-law of the former deputy of the SP Arben Ndoka is arrested in Italy, he tried to kill "Leksi e Druve"

The son-in-law of the former deputy of the SP Arben Ndoka is arrested in Italy,

Arian Tuku, declared wanted thanks to the operation carried out by SPAK, where 7 criminal groups were hit, is put in handcuffs.

His arrest was carried out in Verona, Italy, after he is accused by SPAK of the criminal offense of "Cleaning the proceeds of a criminal offense or criminal activity".

The 36-year-old Tuku is also known as the son-in-law of Arben Ndoka, the former deputy of the SP, who is also wanted because SPAK has issued an arrest warrant against him.

From SPAK's investigations, it appears that Tuku, from Lezha, tried to kill Aleks Ndreka, otherwise known as 'Leksi i Druve', who had strong clashes with former MP Ndoka.

Also, Tuku's name was mentioned in the file, published two days ago, where the wiretapping of former SP deputy, Arben Ndoka, who discusses with his son-in-law, Arjan Tuku about the murder of Durim Bami, was disclosed. 

Excerpt from the file

On 06.04.2020, the citizen Arben Ndoka communicates with the citizen Arian Tuku where it is suspected that they communicate in connection with the organization of the murder of the citizen Durim Bami, using the alternating method with another person whom they address as "Daja".

Arian Tuku writes to him, I'm trying to be a stylish prankster with my uncle who gave him the "dog" and called me Durin al. But I'm slowly getting better, I'm changing. That my uncle has 2-3 times with Duri and he has been honored, uncle Durit. Arben writes to him, ... what does uncle say, Bardhi? Arjani writes to him that... Some people from Shkodran owe Duri one lek, and his uncle has called them on the phone and they have given Duri a loan. Now I have continued with style as they said, one word today, one word for 3 days. Or maybe they also gave Bardhok a package, both 60.

On 07.04.2020, the citizen Arben Ndoka communicates with the unidentified user and they discuss the citizen Durim Bami whom they suspect as being involved in the murder of the citizen Aleksandër Ndoka.

The unidentified user writes, ...I know that he said that I do you, when will you two dum me ba be, who the hell did it to us, who is he who continues to mess with us day by day. If he did, neither did Duri. Why did they have us when I collided with them, who drank us and why did he do it? Arbeni Ndoka says,...These are all you said, brother. Kahu kun ba and Milit kto. They told him to do this, and when he took Strafugen (Enver Stafuka) hostage, he took Mili out or something. I have to go with you, I understand. I say that I have a person who gave me information so that we can visit him.

Arben Ndoka continues to tell him that he knows about Durim Bami's location and that he has made a plan, but I will tell him as soon as they meet.

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