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Audio recording/

An audio recording of Carlo Bollino's journalist, Adriatik Doçi, where he shows how he imposes fines on various businessmen, but also on politicians connected to the government of Edi Rama, is making a name for itself in the media, due to the fact that Doçi has often been described as "Renaissance journalist". This audio recording is said to have been published by the "PublikTVLive" portal owned by journalist Naim Noka.

All this "war" between the two journalists started due to the fact that Doçi, rumored to be the head of "Prapaskena.com", publishes texts using harsh, insulting and threatening language on this portal, and one of the "victims" of journalist Noka was also his.

After numerous reactions on the network about the audio-interception, journalist Doçi tried to explain in a post on Facebook that he is not a finer, but that with his knowledge he only explained how the advertising market works in Albania.

Doçi states in this post that he is not easily blackmailed and throws accusations at the journalist who, according to him, made the audio tape, saying that she is being misused by a third person, referring to Naim Noka.

Adriatik Doci's reaction on Facebook

Friends, I feel a moral obligation and in respect of the face I have, to clarify an audio-bug published today.
A fellow journalist, drinking coffee, asks me how the media advertising market works. And I explain that when you have an advertising agreement with a business, you cannot publish news against it.
This is a common reality. A conversation I can have 1,000 times.
The moral burden falls on the colleague who eavesdrops on the phone conversation at the table. However, I understand the colleague and I am sorry that they are using it.
Anyone who knows me knows that I don't cheat. All my well-wishers rest in peace.
I don't own media nor have I signed a contract with anyone, but I certainly have access to media.
The publisher is a pseudo-dazi called Naim Noka, who I suspect they paid. It has nothing to do with journalism.
I remembered that this guy has interfered with me several times to remove writings. He even hired me once as a realtor.
If the journalist will do, tell if he paid anything for the order that I asked him in that case? This is morality and manhood.
I am cracking down on corruption and instigating the new justice system to bring former ministers and prime ministers to prison. For me, such attacks are predictable.

However, immediately after this post, Doçi received two immediate reactions in response on Facebook, from journalist Naim Noka who claims to have received threatening SMS from Doçi.

The journalist in question has posted the threatening messages on "PublikTVLive" and on Facebook he writes: " Two words 'patllakes fine media'." I, in my professional right, am not blackmailed or intimidated by your SMS Adriatik! You speeded up the publication of Part No. 2".

Meanwhile, this publication was followed by an article on the " Prapaskena.com " portal, which is managed by Adriatik Doçi, with the title "Who is Naim Noka, the realtor of Hasan Selim e Gjici, the journalist who worked for his two daughters as escorts, Noka pimping prostitutes in Tirana, with a hotel and 8 properties".

Likewise, Noka, through another reaction, states that only the photo and his data are true, while the rest of the article is smearing his name.

Noka underlines that he will sue Adriatik Doçin in court for the article in question.

"O "Patllake" the finer! Only the photo with my first and last name is correct. The others are kazan-adriatik-sahan! I don't have time for you, but my lawyer is booking a defamation suit against you. Save this writing because it will cost some money in court. Avaz.... I feel a moral obligation to tell you for the last time that you are consuming my time with other videos and you are proud but a little thoughtful! Don't stir it up anymore. Avazi... the lawsuit does not remove the writing on 'patllakeprapaskena' SMS, I have proof!", writes Noka on Facebook.

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