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Kuçova air base, a 2.6 million euro contract is signed for the hangar and service facilities

Kuçova air base, a 2.6 million euro contract is signed for the hangar and

The Ministry of Defense has signed two contracts related to the Kuçova airbase.

In the system of the Public Procurement Agency, the conclusion of the contract was announced for the procedure "Construction of the necessary infrastructure for UAV (hangar and service facilities)", at the Kuçovo Air Base with a value of 270 million ALL or about 2.6 million euros.

The contract was signed with the operator LLAZO, while another procedure related to this contract is "Supervision of the works for the contract/project with the object "Construction of the necessary infrastructure for UAVs (hangar and service facilities)", at Kuçovo Air Base" where the company DERBI-E was announced as the winner.

Earlier this procedure became part of a complaint to the Public Procurement Commission which gave approval to the ministry to continue with the necessary steps of the procedure after the recommended correction that was made in the system.

According to the documents, the new hangars to be built are objects of special importance.

"The project 'Construction of the necessary infrastructure for UVA at the air base, Kuçovo' is being done taking into account the technical conditions and the implementation of the legal acts necessary for security.

The air base of Kuçova was built in the 1950s to host the planes of the Albanian Air Force. This base was brought back to attention in recent years with an investment supported by NATO, where Albania joined in 2009. In the first phase of the modernization of this base, investments of 50 million euros were calculated.

The contribution of the Albanian side is calculated at around 10% of the total value of the investment in this base, which with NATO's investment will turn into a deployable tactical base. This week the head of the government Edi Rama wrote on social networks announcing that the NATO Tactical Air Base in Kuçovo will open soon. Monitor

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