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The BBC publishes the figures: 20% of Albanian immigrant children have disappeared this year

The BBC publishes the figures: 20% of Albanian immigrant children have

Almost 20% of unaccompanied immigrant children from Albania this year have disappeared, writes the BBC .

The local authority has taken 197 Albanian children under protection until October 31, but 39 of them have disappeared.

Ecpat UK, which campaigns to protect children from exploitation, said the figures were very worrying.

Kent County Council said it worked closely with the Home Office and the police to protect children

The figures were obtained by the BBC through a Freedom of Information request.

The council said 197 Albanian children processed at the Home Office's Kent reception unit were cared for from January 1 to October 31.

According to the report, as of November 7, 39 had been registered as missing. However, she said some of those children would have turned 18.

More than 12,000 migrants from Albania have reached the UK on dinghies so far this year - an increase of almost 4,000% compared to 2021. The issue has been highlighted by Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick who said that on some dinghies, 80% of those on board were from Albania.

Laura Durán, head of policy, advocacy and research for Ecpat UK said this was a "really high" number of missing children.

She said: "We are really concerned that they are at risk of exploitation or have effectively been trafficked.

"They may face labor exploitation in various industries such as construction or laundromats; they may be criminally exploited in drug distribution or cannabis farms, or they may be sexually exploited."


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