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Debunking the Dako action, SPAK starts investigations

Debunking the Dako action, SPAK starts investigations

The Special Prosecutor's Office has started the investigations to release the investigative secret regarding the investigations on the former mayor of Durrës, Vangjush Dako, who was arrested a day ago by order of SPAK.

In a press release, SPAK clarifies that investigations will be carried out against justice officials or even administrative personnel who became aware of procedural actions due to their function, who may have disclosed secret data to third parties.

The Special Prosecutor's Office against Corruption and Organized Crime, on the basis of the verifications carried out mainly, has started the investigations for the criminal offense "Disclosure of secret acts or data", provided by article 295/ai of the Criminal Code.
The initiation of investigations mainly for this criminal offense was made due to the disclosure to third parties of data and the content of procedural acts, which constitute "investigative secret", related to the procedural actions of submitting and examining the request with the purpose of appointment of security measures in charge of VD citizens, etc., carried out in the framework of criminal proceedings no. 197 year 2020 of the Special Prosecutor's Office.
The object of the investigations will be the actions of all persons involved in the performance of procedural actions for the appointment of security measures for criminal proceedings no. 197 of 2020, including justice officials, administrative personnel of procedural bodies, as well as any other person who has become aware of the procedural actions due to his function, which may have disclosed secret data to third parties.


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