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Extradition/ An Albanian girl is handcuffed in London

Extradition/ An Albanian girl is handcuffed in London

For the first time, as requested by Albanian justice, a girl has been arrested in England. According to documents from the extradition court in London, the extradition team at Scotland Yard, following an arrest warrant from Albania, arrested Lirie Delish.

The extradition court was told that Lirie Delishi, 25 years old, living in the north of London, is wanted because according to the indictment filed by Albanian justice, she is suspected of carrying a forged Romanian passport on the territory of Albania on 22/08/2019 which belonged to Simona Valcu.

It is further explained in the indictment that Delish intended to use this passport as if it were real by putting her photo on it.

Delishi is conducting extradition court hearings and has been released on bail.

Her next hearing will be held on 16/01/2024 at 10:00 at Westminster Magistrates' Court before judge DJ Zani.

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