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The final with Manchester City, Inzaghi: We are not favourites, but we have shown that we can achieve anything

The final with Manchester City, Inzaghi: We are not favourites, but we have

The countdown to the Champions League final has begun at Inter . And Simone Inzaghi revisited the Nerazzurri's journey on the microphones of the UEFA Champions League magazine, focusing on the final act in Istanbul.

"What we saw on the pitch was a long and difficult journey, but it's a fully deserved final - he explained -. It's a source of great pride, it's been a long time since an Italian played in a Champions League final " . " With City, of course, we will not start according to the forecasts, but football is beautiful for that",  he added.

"We are meeting one of the strongest teams in the world, with a coach we all know - the Inter coach continued, talking about Guardiola's men -. Now we have to crown everything we have done so far with this final that will be a very exciting experience for him."

Emotions that come from far away and from many battles. It starts with the two games against Porto.

"I had asked the team to stay together, we had to create a single block,"  said the coach of the Nerazzurri as he played the tape.

"I knew the strength of the team and the coach who had 'massacred' the Italian teams in the last few years. , had taken them all away.  Passing two clean sheets with them helped us a lot," he added, speaking about the match with two match against Benfica.

"We had a great game at the San Siro, it was a very difficult quarter-final, but we got through it," said Inzaghi.

Finally, some considerations for the semi-final Euroderby with Milan, the highlight of the Nerazzurri season. "We did everything to reach this final - explained the Nerazzurri coach. 

"We knew it would be a semi-final unlike the quarter-finals and last 16, it was a derby and therefore there would be a lot behind us."

"We had an incredible approach, we scored two goals in the first game and now we could have scored a few more," he concluded.

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