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The journalist who broke down Adriatik Doci's fines scheme: We had many complaints. He took a real fact, 30 he made it up

The journalist who broke down Adriatik Doci's fines scheme: We had many

Journalist Naim Noka, who published a day ago on his "Publiklive" portal the audio recordings of Adriatik Doçi, the journalist of Carlo Bollino, who showed in detail how he fined businessmen, politicians, ministers, prosecutors and judges, has confessed how in the wake of the fines scheme.

In an interview on Syri Tv, Nako says that his editorial office received a lot of denunciations that Doçi was writing attacks with incorrect data on businesses and businessmen, in order to fine them. 

" In our newsroom, there was information that many businesses, that the journalist in question made frequent incorrect writings by taking facts, 1 true fact and making up 30 of them himself. Immediately our newsroom was set in motion and supported by a structure of USAID and we developed our strategy by providing the videos.

These are audio intercepts. 

This is a professional secret, but we have a lot of video and audio recordings for this journalist. We live in Albania and honestly here, not only the media has lost the good sense of how a serious media should be, it is clearly a consequence of politics, our society that is living in the worst possible part of 30 years of democracy, and thus also the journalist in question is part of this sludge.

Today, Carlo Bolino said that it was an interception made by Berisha's media, but the facts are the facts and it was caught red-handed and we did nothing but prove the truth. In Albania, the media have turned into cobwebs like the journalist in question. He does not accept it and tries to justify himself with writings and above all I cause drama to the two citizens who bore my last name and invents some writings in which he describes me as a pimp of women and the gentleman in question has caused drama in the family for those two persons bearing my last name. 

The media has a very sacred mission and must stick to its mission. This mission is getting dirty, I am sad and ashamed that there are journalists who reach this low level, this is a drama and horror of this society. If this had happened in a democratic country, if we take Kosovo and Macedonia, there would be a strong reaction from the media and society, while in Albania there is no reaction.

This is a journalist who works in a media that supports the government and misinforms citizens with his writings. I took him on the phone to clarify a part that was related to a citizen who was stressed because he writes untrue things that have no relation to reality. This person goes to SPAK and reports to the prosecutor's office to protect the new justice and sends untrue materials to judges and prosecutors. The main goal of our media is to be against fake news and to inform the public with truths and not lies," said journalist Naim Noka. 


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