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BIRN reporter: A member of organized crime became an MP

BIRN reporter: A member of organized crime became an MP

BIRN journalist Aleksandra Bogdani declares that dirty money has brought more corruption and that organized crime has taken revenge and is not being fought.

Speaking on the show "On target", on Neës24 on the subject of usury in the Nikla area and the crimes that follow this phenomenon, the journalist says that a member of organized crime has become a member of parliament in the country.

" The usury phenomenon goes hand in hand with dirty money entering the economy and with an intensification of the underworld. We see that this criminalized part of society has spread its tentacles in as many public spaces as possible.

They are interacting with people from the world of politics.
You cannot fight the usury phenomenon without taking seriously the dirty money in the economy, the large drug trafficking groups, the influence these factors have on justice institutions, and on politics, because we have had many scandalous phenomena here. because even members of organized crime have become MPs, manipulated elections and bought votes.

We are in this situation where organized crime has taken revenge, it is not being fought.
In countries like Albania, this dirty money has brought more corruption. They have brought corruption to the justice system, politics and the police ," said Bogani.

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