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Journalist: The Italy-Albania refugee agreement can be canceled after a year

Journalist: The Italy-Albania refugee agreement can be canceled after a year

The Italian government approved this evening the agreement between Italy and Albania to bring to our country the refugees caught at sea, but who seek asylum in Italy.

In a direct connection with SYRI TV, journalist Alba Kepi has shown that this agreement between the two countries can be broken after 1 year, but with a 6-month warning.

"Another important element of the agreement for immigrants approved by the Italian government today is that only after 1 year, from the entry into force, two parties, such as Albania or Italy, can request the cancellation of the protocol, but this will also be done with 6 months notice.

The Italian side in this draft is said to have to guarantee the time it has promised, within 28 days, for immigrants who do not win the right to asylum to be repatriated. In a way it is more specific and has dotted the 'i'.

I think that this draft will have problems with interest groups, organizations that protect the rights of immigrants, such as Amnesty International, who have said that they will go to the end, as they consider it irregular, that immigrants who leave to arrive in an EU country, to be transported to a country that is not a member of the Union, such as Albania.

It is also underlined that asylum seekers will arrive on Albanian soil only by means of military, coast guard, or Guardia Di Finanza ships. It is specified that the emigrants will now stop on the Italian shores and then they will be transported to Shengjin by Italian sea vessels", said Kepi.

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