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The Supreme Court postpones the hearing to "January 21"

The Supreme Court postpones the hearing to "January 21"

The Supreme Court has postponed the session, where it is expected to finally take a decision on who should investigate the case of "January 21", the Tirana Prosecutor's Office or the Special Prosecutor's Office (SPAK).

The College of the Supreme Court has assessed the hearing of the parties as necessary because the case represents importance from the point of view of law, for the unification or development of judicial practice. The next court session with the presence of the parties is scheduled to be held on March 12, 2024, at 1:00 p.m.

The Supreme Court is considering the request of Aleks Nika's family members, who requested that the case be transferred to the Special Prosecutor's Office, overturning the decision of the two previous levels of the judiciary, and ordering the Special Prosecutor to register the criminal proceedings.

Aleks Nika is one of the 4 protesters who were killed in the demonstration held by the Socialist Party on January 21, 2011. The request of the Nika family has ended in the Supreme Court after the GJKKO and the Appeal of the GJKKO rejected it.

In the appeal of Aleks Nika's wife, it is said that the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana has kept the investigation for January 21 for 2 years and 6 months without taking any action to clarify the incident. The Special Prosecutor's Office has declared incompetence, not only for the lawsuit filed by the family members on February 16 of this year, but also for the one filed by the Ministry of Justice and the Socialist Party.

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