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They caused 53 million ALL damage to the state through fraud, 1 in prison and 3 others in 'obligation to appear'

They caused 53 million ALL damage to the state through fraud, 1 in prison and 3

The coded operation 'Fraud' is finalized, the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana arrests and security measures for 4 people who are suspected of causing 53 million ALL in damage by avoiding tax obligations

The Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of Tirana General Jurisdiction in close cooperation with the Directorate of Tax Investigation and the Local Police Directorate of Tirana, within the Criminal Procedure No. 1695, of 2024, after several months of work with special methods of investigation, successfully completed the coded operation 'Fraud', making possible the execution of the decision of the Tirana Judicial District Court, criminal chamber, which assigned security measures to 4 citizens:

Citizen SM 'arrest in prison'; AND

Citizens ZRES and KP 'Compulsion to appear before the judicial police'.

From the analysis of the collected evidence, it appears that 3 commercial entities were created to carry out imports in favor of different traders, so that the latter can receive the product without an invoice. These companies under investigation have functioned as 'walking nephews' and the persons (traders) behind this activity benefit from income by not declaring the real turnover, avoiding tax obligations and causing the state a damage of 53,000,000 ALL.

From the investigations, it turned out that these entities have imported various goods, which were used for resale by the entity against payment (or without their knowledge).

The citizen SM used the data of the three citizens ZR, ES and PK with which he registered these entities and performed every action on their behalf. These citizens have consumed the elements of the criminal offense 'Creation of fraud scheme related to the value added tax', 'Concealment of income' and 'Prevention of crime' provided by articles 144/a, 180, 300 of the Criminal Code.

Also, it is suspected that this criminal fraud scheme involves persons, other entities, accounting firms, as well as officials of the state administration, for whom investigations and procedural actions continue to document all criminal activity.


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