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RAI's investigation, the journalist's irony: Propaganda is being taken away, Rama and Agaçi are running

RAI's investigation, the journalist's irony: Propaganda is being taken

Journalist Klodian Tomorri has ironized Prime Minister Edi Rama and the General Secretary of the Council of Ministers, Engjëll Agaçi, who were mentioned in the RAI 3 investigation.

In a post on Facebook, Tomorri writes how Rama and Agaçi ran in front of the Italian journalist, who came to Albania to do journalism and not propaganda.

Tomorri quotes a part from the investigation, where the former head of Interpol is asked why he donated 3 hectares of land to the trafficker, and he says that he did not know the person in question, but had introduced Agac to him.

"The RAI journalist asked the former head of Interpol in Albania, General Lisi; how did you accept the donation of 3 hectares of land from Albania's biggest trafficker?

How did I know who he was - answers the general - Engjëll Agaçi brought me. He did that.

Nay, this job had a good one. That our great commander gives wide and long interviews with foreign journalists, who buy these up and down, where he talks about Albania's great successes and even how the world powers take Albania's opinion on everything.

But with these foreign journalists who had come to do journalism, the commander had put them to the test. Leave Agaçi to me then, on the run. Swift-footed and white-cheeked. The star came out, the moon came out, Cane is gone because our mother is like that.

In short, you are removing the propaganda from them, they become like the work of that skit with the Oar of Durrës. Bricks during the day, porridge at night", writes the journalist.


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