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Investigation/ Concessionaire causes environmental massacre in the port of Durrës, the state powerless to act

Investigation/ Concessionaire causes environmental massacre in the port of

In the last 5 years, more than 3 million tons of goods such as scrap, coal, chrome, cement, etc. have been processed in the Eastern Terminal of the port of Durrës.

Most of the materials processed there pose a constant risk of contamination. As soon as the set of Inside Story shows up, they are approached by people demanding to stop filming in the area immediately.

A nonsensical request that does not violate any commercial norm related to maintaining confidentiality. If you look at the footage, the refusal by the employees of the company that operates this terminal makes sense.

Tons of scrap and minerals are scattered in complete violation of environmental criteria.

"If there are mineral residues in the quay, rain falls, the drainage of the quay goes directly to the sea, it is easy to imagine that there will be pollution that does not affect the basin. The clinker dust that rose into the air went around the city, on the windows, etc., says Bledar Konçi, former crane operator of the EMS concessionaire.

The repatriation goods processing service is carried out by a concession company called "EMS Albanian Port Operator" since May 2013. So, the contract was signed by the Berisha government just 1 month before the parliamentary elections of that year and has a duration of 35 years.

The law stipulates that the subject must be provided with an environmental permit and the relevant state structures have the obligation to monitor the fulfillment of the criteria.

"Environmental problems in the Port of Durres have been continuously followed by the Regional Environmental Agency following the legitimate concerns of the residents of the city of Durres about air pollution from dust particles of various minerals. In the history of this issue on port operators, some administrative measures and interim decisions have been taken for the suspension of certain operations from time to time, recommending the implementation of Environmental norms", says Diana Mile, director of the Regional Environmental Agency.

"Explosives were found at the terminal. Among the scrap were unexploded shells, cartridges, etc., etc. Knowing that volume of scrap skis, what measures to take, we just hoped we wouldn't have bad luck", says winchman Konçi. top channel


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