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"We have many problems", Rama debates with the builders' association: You say that the state won't let us, let's lie that this is how we are used to

"We have many problems", Rama debates with the builders'

Prime Minister Edi Rama has debated with a representative of the builders' association in a discussion with the enterprise on the government's initiative for a review of business administrative procedures and cutting bureaucratic links and further improving the business climate.

During the discussion, the representative of the association of builders presents to the Prime Minister a number of problems that this sector faces today. The Prime Minister responds by asking if they have a business plan for evasion as well?

Excerpts from the debate:

The representative of the association of builders : We as an association have sent a letter to you and the minister, regarding some problems that have made our activity impossible this year.

The most important is the approval of VKM 457 dated July 26, 2023, which is about increasing the reference price and in general we have no objection to the reference, but the consequences it brings us in the tax chain has increased the tax in the city of Tirana .

We have opposed this, we have said that no other interventions can be made since these payments have not been calculated by the builders. 

We think that this tax, which was temporary, should be abolished. We also have some other problems that we are looking for answers to, land tax, VKM for mandatory insurance, cost for technical efficiency, tax that never ends. Social contribution tax and VKM are the two most important.

Edi Rama:  Since you asked for it, everyone should hear it. What did you not expect? For the state not to tell you to stop understating sales, you didn't anticipate that. But what? Would you lie to the state with the endless business plan? Would you sell apartments for 2 thousand euros and would you sell apartments for 850 euros? Do you have a business plan and evasion?

The reference prices are based on the market. It is not difficult to find out how much a square meter is sold for. a value based on real market prices has been set. You want to earn as much as possible, it is your right. it is the duty of the state to collect 100% real income for the state. When the state lies, it has the right to say that it is not so according to market studies. The increase in prices every week is an increase that should benefit everyone, not just you.

3% social contribution for each building is not much. In New York, you cannot build a building where all the apartments will be sold, but you will sell so much and so much will be rented, the state decides that those who can buy do not take everything where the property is developed, but share it with those who cannot. buy it but rent it. nobody forces you to build hard. You build that there is a lot of interest and a lot of profit. You tell me that we sent a letter and demand that the state not take what belongs to the people. You say that the state won't let us, let's lie that this is what we're used to, get out of trouble, but at some point the interests are harmonized better, even with these interests you earn quite a bit. 



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