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Cocaine laboratory in Fier, ex-SP official in wiretapping advertising "good fertilizer from Colombia"

Cocaine laboratory in Fier, ex-SP official in wiretapping advertising "good

New details have come to light regarding SPAK's investigations into the network of traffickers who brought the load of 430 kg of cocaine dissolved in tons of fertilizer from Colombia to Albania.

According to Top Channel, in November, unidentified persons tried to attack the apartment that would be suitable as a laboratory with only one goal, to rob the goods in Frakull of Fier.

From the intercepts it appears that someone had damaged the lock of the gate and that as a reaction, the Cervanaku family responded by shooting a gun in the air, as a way to notify the strangers that they were armed. So, there are doubts that the criminal world in the city of Fier was informed about the shipment and that the members had started the discussions about the foreign market, before the process of extracting the cocaine started.

Viktor Červanaku, former mayor of the municipality, it is known from the wiretapping, was preparing for the local elections. And in the meantime, he met well-known exponents, telling them that 'good fertilizer' has arrived from Colombia.

But from September when the shipment arrived from Montenegro, the bags of fertilizer were kept in the yard after the Colombian expert arrived in Albania in November and his delay caused the work to fail.

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