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"Mail order in several states", the head of SPAK: We are evaluating Ahmetaj's questioning. We found evidence

"Mail order in several states", the head of SPAK: We are evaluating

The head of SPAK, Altin Dumani, has spoken about the investigations against the former minister and former deputy prime minister, Arben Ahmetaj, as being involved in the incinerator affair.

Dumani said during a meeting with journalists that they will not get permission from anyone to call Arben AHmetaj to testify, in case it is necessary. The head of SPAK said that valuable evidence has been found and that letters have been sent to several countries.

"We don't get permission from anyone, we call anyone to interrogate, Arben Ahmetaj or whoever. Controls are in the dynamics of the investigation where the group assessed that evidence could be found in these premises. We found evidence. Sequestration is a preventive measure, a security measure in order not to alienate ownership. Everything is under verification. We have launched letters in many states, not only in one state, it takes time, some have responded, some are in the process, the investigation includes everything (including the possibility of hiding assets abroad). We will definitely call Ahmetaj, if we consider it necessary" , Dumani said.

As for Stela Gugalles, who was reported to have been detained in Austria, Dumani said that there is still no official response from the Austrian authorities.

"We have no official answer from the Austrian authorities about Stela Gugallje. "We just know that there is an extradition process, but we don't know about its follow-up, as there are other authorities that deal with the procedures ," added Dumani.

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