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Lubonja: Rama has made it clear that he is breaking the law, people's freedom is at risk

Lubonja: Rama has made it clear that he is breaking the law, people's

Analyst Fatos Lubonja spoke about the situation in the country before the May 14 local elections.

Lubonja, through a direct communication in the "Opinion" column, stated that Prime Minister Rama has made it clear that he "crosses and violates" the law, referring to the last bonuses he promised in relation to pensions and salaries just a few weeks before the elections local.

According to him, in the country we have a "party-gang" that has countless violations, among them the network of patron Nazis or the giving of earthquake money before the elections.

"Rama has made it clear that he goes beyond the law and violates the law. Our problem is that there is no one to punish him as justice has been done. Neës24 has experienced for itself how the law on unjustifiable whims has been violated. Rama, when he had the opportunity, gave the earthquake money during elections, did favors for certain oligarchs who provided him with money or support, etc. The violations are countless. He organized the famous network of patron Nazis, which is again a violation of the law. We are dealing with a gang party that constantly steps forward and moves forward because the organism cannot stop it. Tomorrow you will receive the result by letter. All these are violations.

Here they ate the electoral reform. He breaks the law and no judge intervenes, this is a coup. We have eaten this and pretend we are in a democracy. The state is Rama itself. How can the state account in absolute monarchy, we have reached such delusions. Lubonja said.

As for the election campaign for May 14, Lubonja stated that it is in line with Rama's "divide and rule" strategy, referring to the division of the opposition and the release of candidates by Enkelejd Alibeaj in several municipalities.

"The election campaign is in line with Rama's divide and rule strategy. It is not only the pollution of Tirana or the lack of greenery that is at risk. These are problems, but people's freedom is at risk. We are no longer at peace in this country because tomorrow, this fadromat brings us and destroys our homes or businesses. This one has caught the justice and instead of uniting, they divide as much as they can. A DP here and there. Instead of uniting all the opposition to lay the foundations, we have their disunity', says Lubonja.

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