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Manjani: The root is... being Erion Veliaj, and the root is disgust

Manjani: The root is... being Erion Veliaj, and the root is disgust

The former Minister of Justice Ylli Manjani has commented on the political project of Belind Këlliç, the candidate of the coalition "Bashkë Fitomjem" for the Municipality of Tirana, who promised that there will be free transportation for the citizens of Tirana.

In a post on Facebook, Manjani writes that Kelliç's statement is not something he invented, but a practice that also exists in other countries of the world. According to Manjani, this finding by Këlliç embarrassed Erion Veliaj.

The latter, Manjani has considered a liar who can hardly find a truth that he might have told the public.

Full post:

The root never has an idea.

Free public transport is not an idea invented by Belind Kelliçi. Others invented it and some cities in Europe and Great Britain practice it.

Belindi has simply brought it to our attention, of course as part of His political program.

We must admit that Erion Veliaj was caught off guard by this idea. He is apparently kicking himself for not discovering this idea first. If she knew, imagine what the propaganda would do today in her favor...

However, the idea presented by Belindi is not false but a proposal for policy change. It's an idea that certainly deserves debate, but it's not false. It is a reality that it happens somewhere.

The idea should be debated by both public transport users and non-innovators. Because the proposal is to use public money for a public service. Even leaving the situation as it is when the market pressure for a higher price and the inability of the users to afford it, is not a solution.

So the topic has a debate, requires an argument, solutions are sought and this is not false.

It's stupid to say I planted 1 million trees, when I know as hell that not that many trees have been planted. The point is to say I don't allow towers when towers flourish. The point is to say I brought 24 hours of water, when that is not the case at all. The root is... being Erion Veliaj that is. There is a false word.

Does anyone find a truth that Erion Veliaj has said in public?!

A single one.

So let's start by distinguishing the root, even more so when it is obvious, from the ideas that propose policy changes. 

Ideas are not infallible, but at least they are not false.

The root is disgust.

The idea is alternative.

Did you want an alternative?!

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