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Luiz's marriage 'blessed' by Erion Veliaj was a fraud (Document)

Luiz's marriage 'blessed' by Erion Veliaj was a fraud (Document)

The marriage between Luiz and Kiara on the evening of May 6 caught all Albanians in front of the television.

The crowning of the marriage took place with a grand ceremony on the terrace of the Tirana City Hall where Kiara's relatives were present. Luiz's family members were absent from the wedding.

But the marriage, firstly based on the laws of the Albanian state, is illegal and invalid.

" Before the marriage, the registrar makes its announcement by posting the act in certain places by the municipality, where the identity, profession, residence and location of the future spouses are shown, as well as the place where the marriage will take place", it is stated in a from the points of the law.

But the fact that this marriage was for show and Veliaj needed to get votes on May 14 from the many fans of Luiz and Kiara, was sealed by the BBV winner who declares himself single.

A few days ago, Luizi changed a business in NKR and what is written in the documentation is also the civil status, where Luizi is single.

 This means that Louis and Kiara are not officially married.

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