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Lushnja massacre, GJKKO excludes the lawyer of Laert Haxhiu

Lushnja massacre, GJKKO excludes the lawyer of Laert Haxhiu

The Special Court against Corruption and Organized Crime decided to disqualify the lawyer Detar Hysi, as Laert Haxhiu's defender.

The reason was the father's power of attorney to Laert Haxhiu, who revoked the representation fees to lawyer Hysi. The two lawyers appointed by the court, Elvis Gorishti and Artan Simonin, again asked for time to familiarize themselves with the acts of the file.

The hearing was adjourned to December 18 at 11:00.

The court reported that the hearings for Laert Haxhiu will be held every Monday at 11:00. SPAK accuses him of the "Lushnja massacre" that happened in September 2017 where Jurgen Hoxha and Zamir Latifi lost their lives.

According to SPAK, the target of the assassination was Xjulio Shkurti, grandson of Aldo Bare. February escaped the barrage of bullets after getting up from the table where his two friends were who lost their lives.

Laert Haxhiu has been arrested in Greece and is awaiting the decision of the Greek Court of Appeal if he will be extradited to our country. Also, a short time ago, the Prosecutor's Office of Elbasan signed a second arrest warrant for Laert Haxhiu, accusing him of 4 murders.

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