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Prohibition of candidacy for the associates of the former Sigurimi, two legal changes by the SP

Prohibition of candidacy for the associates of the former Sigurimi, two legal

In Albania, the socialist majority has proposed two other legal interventions, in addition to the changes in the decriminalization law, which it is expected to submit to the parliament, in order to apparently complete the entire legislative framework for the detention of persons who have been part of structures of the former State Security, so that they can be elected or appointed to the country's top institutions.

The Voice of America has learned that it is about an intervention in the Electoral Code and another in the law on "The right to information about the documents of the former state security...". The change in the Electoral Code stipulates the obligation of political forces to apply to the Authority for Information on Former Security Documents "70 days before the date of the elections, for the list of candidates, for deputies, for mayors and for local councils" for the verification of purity of the picture. In parallel, the same obligation arises for the candidates themselves, who, in addition to the request, also fill out a self-declaration form. A special article provides that "if the self-declaration is false in relation to the verification result... the case is sent to the Central Election Commission,

The second change, which has to do with the law itself on "The right to information about the documents of the former state insurance...", is the repeal of one of its articles, and precisely the one that currently avoids the obligation to verify the figure, persons who have been provided with a cleanness certificate from the two previous commissions that exercised the activity in the 90s.

Both legal interventions were requested by the Authority itself in an official letter addressed to the parliament at the end of last month, where concern was raised for persons with high public positions, who had turned out to be part of the structures of the former State Security. The letter was prompted by the fact that the Authority was informed that the name of former president Ilir Meta "appears in the documents created by the structures of the former State Security".

Although the Authority had requested legal intervention before, this time the socialists acted quickly. The 5 years of Mr. Meta in the office of the Head of State were characterized by strong clashes, and two attempts for his dismissal. While on the first day after the end of the mandate, he promised a strong opposition to the government, taking back the leadership of the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI), the political force he had founded in 2004, changing its name and merging all high management structures. Mr. Meta has categorically denied that he was part of the former State Security, accusing him of manipulation.

Përveç dy ndryshimeve ligjore të kërkuara nga Autoriteti i Dosjeve, të cilat kufizohen të personat e zgjedhur, socialistët mesa duket po synojnë zgjerimin e rrezes së ndalimit të ushtrimit të funksioneve publike të personave që rezultojnë si bashkëpunëtorë apo të favorizuar të ish Sigurimit të Shtetit. Në tekstin e një projektligji, i cili nuk ka marrë ende formë zyrtare, janë të paktën 9 kategori të përfshira, që nga organet kushtetuese, apo të krijuara me ligj, te gjyqtarët dhe prokurorët, duke zbritur më pas në nivelin e zëvendësministrave, prefektëve, funksionarëve politikë në kabinetet e drejtuesve të çdo institucioni kushtetues apo të krijuar me ligj, në Shërbimin Informativ Shtetëror dhe shërbime të tjera informative, në shërbimin civil dhe shërbimin diplomatik, te drejtuesit e çdo niveli në administratën publike të nivelit qendror dhe vendor që nuk përfshihet në shërbimin civil, apo dhe në Policinë e Shtetit, në forcat e armatosura e deri te drejtuesit e kompanive që zotërohen plotësisht apo në maxhorancë ose administrohen nga shteti.

Të gjithë do të duhet t’i nënshtrohen verifikimit, i cili do të duhet të realizohet nga Autoriteti i Dosjeve. Në rast se rezultojnë si ish bashkëpunëtorë, apo të favorizuar të ish Sigurimit të Shtetit, ndalimi i ushtrimit të funksioneve është i përjetshëm.

Paralelisht me socialistët, edhe grupi parlamentar i Partisë Demokratike, me nismën e deputetëve që mbështesin kryetarin e grupit Enkelejd Alibeaj, ka kërkuar deklasifikimin e të gjitha dosjeve të ish-Sigurimit të Shtetit në periudhën 1944–1991.

While the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, who has retaken the leadership of the Democratic Party, commenting on the changes that the majority intends to make in the decriminalization law, said today that "we have been, are and will be for the lustration law, this cannot have no hesitation. What the Socialist Party does, it seems to be a law if we call it the anti-Meta law, which is based on a clear defamation rejected by the author himself, for which Mr. Meta is accused".

While Mr. Meta himself, in response to a question from journalists, said that "you know the fate of all anti-Meta initiatives. I am amused by this new initiative because it not only aids and accelerates the current and outgoing prime minister's free fall to march further towards his fully deserved but long overdue end." VOA


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