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Tomorrow the derby of the capital, several road axes are blocked

Tomorrow the derby of the capital, several road axes are blocked

The Tirana Police has drawn up a plan of measures to guarantee order and security before, during and after the football match between the "Tirana" and "Partizani" teams, which will take place on 03.12.2023, at 19:00, in "Air Albania" stadium.

The measures taken by the Tirana Police consist not only in the premises of the stadium, but also in a wider perimeter outside it.

In this framework, there will be blockages of some road segments and routes defined for the movement of fans of the two teams.

The road segments that will be blocked, from 17:00 until the end of the activity, are:

- "Lek Dukagjini" street, around the stadium, "Dervish Hima" street, "Gjergj Filipi" street, "Papa John Paul II" street, from the intersection with "Ismail Qemali" street to "Air Albania" stadium, "Dëshmorët e" boulevard Nation", from the Presidency to "Mother Teresa" square.

Fan routes will be as follows:

- The movement of Tirana fans will be from "Skënderbej" square, "Dëshmorët e Kombit" boulevard, "Bajram Curri" street, ETC, "Papa John Paul II" street, COIN - stadium;

- Partizan fans will move from the intersection of "Muhamet Gjollesha" street with "Artan Lenja" street, along "Muhamet Gjollesha" street, "Sulejman Delvina" street, "Libri Universitar", behind the Presidency, "Frederik Shopen" square , university stairs, MAK Albania - stadium.

The police will guarantee and ensure the movement of fans along the designated routes and will not allow fans to gather or pass outside the designated route.

In accordance with the plan of measures, rigorous controls will be applied to fans, before entering the stadium, for illegal items (hard objects, water cans, umbrellas, metal keys or pyrotechnics, etc.). Each fan must be equipped with an identification document.

Citizens will not be allowed to enter the stadium without an identification document, as well as children under the age of 16, despite the fact that they may be equipped with tickets, they will not be allowed without the presence of a parent or guardian (accompanied by a document).

All those fans who have been identified by the Police as problematic fans in various sports activities will not be allowed to enter the stadium.

The Tirana police ask for the understanding of the respective fans, for the implementation of the above obligations, as well as the understanding of the citizens to avoid the movement of vehicles in the above-mentioned road segments, at the specified times.


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