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"I had one left, I removed them all", how drug is sold in schools and bars in Tirana

"I had one left, I removed them all", how drug is sold in schools and

These are the images when one of the 20 members of the two groups distributing narcotics in several schools and localities in Tirana, sells the dose of cocaine to one of the anti-drug agents, infiltrated in the coded operation 'Map'.

Tv Klan has provided this video, where it is seen how the trafficker delivers a small amount of cocaine to the agent, with whom he had earlier communicated on the mobile phone.

These videos and many others have sunk the group of 20 people who distributed cocaine, heroin and marijuana in different areas of the capital.

10 of them appeared this Thursday in front of the court where they were introduced to the security measure of arrest and imprisonment. While 10 others are expected to familiarize themselves with the security measures on Friday.

TV Klan has secured the group's investigative file, which highlights the group's communications during the time the police had them under surveillance. One of the intercepted conversations takes place between the infiltrated agent whose code name is Reno and one of the arrested, Fabian Qoku.

Reno: What's up?

Fabian Qoku: Listen, I just left one, that I removed it, that you will let me know at the end, brother.

Reno: Well, you don't have anything at all?

Fabian Qoku: I don't have it with me, I have to take it with me.

Reno: Are you coming back?

Fabian Qoku: Okay, I'm coming.

The investigation shows that the distributors were divided into small groups, in different areas of Tirana and Kamza. It turns out that the daily profits reached up to 5 million ALL. Clan TV


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