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"It's not the first time", Mal Berisha reminds Rama of the meeting in 'Downing Street': They are using it as a crutch for the migrant crisis

"It's not the first time", Mal Berisha reminds Rama of the

The former Albanian ambassador in London, Mal Berisha, commented on Prime Minister Edi Rama's visit to London where he met with his counterpart Rishi Sunak.

In an interview for Rtv Ora, Berisha says that this is not his first visit to Downing Street, but he reminded the Socialist leader of his meeting with Cameron.

Berisha : It is not the first time that Rama enters Downing Street. When I was serving as ambassador of Albania in London and as soon as the socialist government came to power, Rama had a meeting with David Cameron. He refused to be in any of the meetings he held. Either there is forgetfulness or at that time it was not a visit but a friendly visit.

Commenting on his meeting with Sunak, Berisha said that it is inexplicable how the British government is using Rama to survive the migrant crisis.

BerishaIt is strange that the British government wants to survive in the conditions when immigration has become a very big gangrene with the help of a corrupt government in Albania. Edi Rama wants to give a crutch to the conservatives in London as if they have repaid the debt by presented as a man who can be expected in the most important offices in the world even though today he is one of the most discreet people in the world because of the internal scandals that are the incinerators, the arrested ministers, the mayors who are falling like chestnuts in the prison and above all the "McGonigal" scandal. Two crutches helping each other.



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