Double pressure students, matriculation exams will be monitored by cameras

Double pressure students, matriculation exams will be monitored by cameras

The state matura examinations will take place in large halls equipped with security cameras. Fiqiri Çifligu from the General Directorate of Pre-university Education says that the educational offices are cooperating with the local government to have available the large halls of the sports palaces or the palaces of culture for the conduct of the matura exam.

"It has been strongly requested by the Ministry of Education that all exams take place in large halls, preferably all supervised by cameras and with a large number of students. The General Directorate with all the structures have identified all the big schools with big money, the gyms that the schools have. We are also contacting the local government for sports halls, theater halls, and universities for large halls".

Due to conducting exams in large halls, this year the number of exam centers will be 15% less than last year. But this number is expected to be even smaller, with the availability of local government spaces.

"Around 7,000 teachers are involved in the administration of exams. The number of exam development centers compared to the previous year is reduced by 15%. There were over 160 centers and it was reduced by 20 only from educational offices".

This year, the University of Medicine has returned the entrance exams to this university, but according to Çiflig, in the following years this practice can be followed for other branches as well.

 "The test for admissions to the University of Medicine will change, this is a first phase because maybe in the future it can be for all universities, or other branches and this will be seen by the Ministry of Education in the future".

Exams for the state matura begin on June 1 with the Foreign Language exam, on June 7 Albanian Language and Literature, on the 13th Mathematics and on the 19th, optional subjects. /Klan TV/

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