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"Salaries 900 euros", the former socialist minister: The source of the fund is unclear, we can suffer like Greece during the crisis

"Salaries 900 euros", the former socialist minister: The source of the

The former Albanian Minister of Finance, Arben Malaj, has commented on the proposal of the 'Rama' government to increase the average salary to 900 euros within two years.

In an interview for Euronews Albanai, Malaj said that it is important to clarify the source of the fund that will go to the salary increase, otherwise something like this cannot be realized.

According to the former socialist minister, it could happen as with the government of Greece, which for many years gave large bonuses and at the moment when the country fell into crisis because the cost of labor increased and there was no productivity, then the first request made by the IMF and The European Central Bank to help Greece get out of the crisis was to go back, that is, to cut these rewards.

"If we do not have the capacities, we cannot go to such an increase. The source should be clarified, for me it is unclear because it was based only on the income from inflation, it was not based on the fact that the income base was released, the income did not increase because the well that the prime minister said came out. It's income from inflation, it's depleting income," explained Malaj

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