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Armed robbery in the businessman's apartment in Lushnje is prevented, the 3 perpetrators leave quickly

Armed robbery in the businessman's apartment in Lushnje is prevented, the 3

The Lushnja police managed to prevent a robbery with a gun, the perpetrators of which are Renato Çala, Florenc Tatoshi and Bukurosh Mukje.

These three are suspected of stealing the apartment of a businessman in Lushnje.

In the place called "Rotondo e Čerma", the police officers located the suspect vehicle and signaled it to stop, but the driver of the vehicle did not obey the order and increased the speed, endangering the lives of the police officers who were in the car. road.

The Police Services immediately followed the "Benz" type vehicle which was moving at high speed towards the villages of Peqin.

Due to the high speed, the vehicle left the road and the three citizens traveling in the vehicle abandoned it and were able to leave, taking advantage of the darkness.

During the inspection of the vehicle, the Police services found and seized a quantity of combat ammunition.

" Following the investigative actions, the crime investigation specialists of the Lushnja Police Station, within the police operation coded "Prevention", identified the three citizens who were driving around in the vehicle with forged license plates and made their wanted announcement for the crimes criminal "Disobedience to the order of the public order police officer", "Unauthorized production and possession of weapons and military ammunition" and "Forgery of seals, stamps or forms", specifically citizens: R. Ç., 30 years old, FT, 36 years old and BM, 66 years old, all three residents of Elbasan.

The work continues for the capture of the 3 citizens announced as wanted, as well as for the documentation of some thefts committed by these citizens, in the Lushnja district", the police informs.

The materials were passed to the Prosecutor's Office at the Lushnjë Judicial District Court, for further action.

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