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DP supports the journalists' protest, Vokshi: Rama's corruption is not covered by their punishment

DP supports the journalists' protest, Vokshi: Rama's corruption is not

Journalists will protest today in front of the Prime Minister's Office, after the measures and attacks that Prime Minister Edi Rama has recently undertaken against journalists.

The Democratic Party has expressed support for the journalists' protest, calling on everyone to be sensitized. It was the democratic deputy Albana Vokshi who announced it in a statement to the media.

Vokshi said that there are dozens of cases when Edi Rama has attacked journalists and that the government's corruption cannot be covered by punishing them.

"This afternoon at 19:00 the journalist community has called a protest in front of km in defense not only of the colleague, but also of the right to exercise the profession of journalist. PD expresses full support for this protest, but calls on all citizens to show solidarity and join this rally. The protest is not only for the censorship of the journalist Klevi Muka, but not only this case. Ambrozia Meta is another journalist sentenced to re-education by the prime minister who cannot stand free speech. Journalists have been attacked by Rama on dozens of occasions. The corruption of Edi Rama's government cannot be covered by the punishment it inflicts on journalists. It is a fact that Olta Xhaçka has violated the constitution.

SPAK should not close its eyes and ears, but investigate this affair. Olta Xhaçka used her sister-in-law to get public money with the help of Edi Rama. All these facts have been discovered, are being discovered, and we encourage them to be discovered. Edi Rama's actions against journalists are aimed at silencing the media from talking about government corruption. When a journalist, freedom of speech are in danger, Albania is in danger. Citizens, come out in protest today, every day, on July 7, Albania is in danger", declared Vokshi.


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