Pools of water and mud, Durrës beyond propaganda

Pools of water and mud, Durrës beyond propaganda

As is usually the case, investments are mainly made only in cities, neglecting the neighborhoods located in the suburbs and beyond.

This is what happened in Durrës, where investments are concentrated only in the center of the city, and near the beach area, since only a few meters from the center, the neighborhoods of the city have been completely forgotten.

Residents say that they have not received any services from the municipality and the government despite their requests.

The case was reported by JOQ, where a citizen sent some pictures from "Amazona" street, which looks in a deplorable condition.

Citizen's complaint:

Hello, life is fun, publish it a bit, maybe the mayor of Durres will come and fix it because we can't get by. The address is amazona street at the new cemetery. Durres.

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