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The policemen raped him in prison and did not even give him water, the Albanian tells the horror from the cell: They put pressure on the woman


The news about Saimir Zefi, the Albanian from Puka, caused a sensation in the Albanian and Greek media. Zefi says that after he was sentenced in absentia by the court in Korydallos for robbery, the latter had asked to be present during the hearing, but as a result he was brutally beaten by the police in a van and then left in prison with a helmet on his head. not to recognize the signs of violence.

 Meanwhile, only 2 days in prison was the punishment of the Greek authorities for the 4 Greek officers who tortured the Albanian in a barbaric way, leaving him without water.

Today, he is in a better state of health, he spoke on the show "Without a Trace" and showed that he will not withdraw from his right, but added that he is afraid for his life since the Greek policemen have been abusing him for months.


Saimir Zefi : Hello!

Odeta Dume : How are you?

Saimir Zefi : I'm a little better lately

Odeta Dume : We were all shocked when we learned from the Greek media that you were brutally beaten, simply because you demanded the right to appear in court

Saimir Zefi: Yes, that is the truth. We had a trial on 02.03.2023. Koridhalo prison took me to Kavalla for the trial and from the prison a normal transfer was made, but I was taken to Kavalla on the 3rd, a day after the trial...

Odeta Dume : Saimir, I see that you have neck problems, have you been raped so many times?!

Saimir Zefi: I have a lot of problems with my neck, but I still have my hand and leg, because I'm bad, because I had the handcuffs too tight

Odeta Dume : How did the violence start from these Greek policemen who raped you in front of your mother and father?

Saimir Zefi : This gesture started years ago in November, when I got into a fight with a policeman in Kavalla, it started as revenge work from each other. This year, the story continued again, when I went to Kavalla. What is done is over. I have a trial there in Kavalla next week and I am very afraid there for my life, for my family's work, I have a Greek bride. The brother of that policeman has put pressure on my daughter-in-law and things are very bad. If it wasn't for the director of the prison, I would be dead today.


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