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Ramw's promises before May 14, former President Topi: Ugly, 5 thousand leksi for pensioners is not even a sack of flour

Ramw's promises before May 14, former President Topi: Ugly, 5 thousand

The former President of Albania, Bamir Topi, has commented on the statements of Prime Minister Edi Rama regarding the promises to increase the average salary as well as the decision to give 5 thousand new ALL to pensioners, plus their pension.

Invited to the show "Frontline" on Neës24, Topi described them as ridiculous statements and compared the new 5,000 lek for pensioners to a sack of flour.

He added that the fact that Edi Rama interferes in the campaign with government mechanisms is shameful and that it is up to the Central Election Commission to declare clearly on this issue and ask the Prime Minister to withdraw the initiative.

"Elections have changed a lot from the way they are conducted these 30 years. In the 90s we all went with flour sacks. It was considered a recruitment of a certain group for the vote. What is 50 thousand lekshi? Same ugly thing. If these are under strong debates with each other, the prime minister should have given a different image to unveil projects. The fact that the prime minister interferes with government mechanisms is shameful."

"I heard the chairman of the CEC who should have been more clear in his statement. He should be informed about this work urgently and inform the public and ask the prime minister to withdraw the initiative and make this 5 thousand leksi 10 thousand ALL after the elections. When he tries to argue his promise to the pensioners, he should have made an analysis of the situation where the pensioners are."

"Today there are social pensions that are difficult to secure even the air. The statements about the stories of the average salary, it is the same logic as that of pensions. Let him reserve these because his mandate continues for 2 years after these elections. The probability increases that he who goes to retirement age to have health problems."

"All this pension goes to medicine. Rama has analyzed the situation well, it is the story of the turkey. Rama knows very well the level of perception in society. In our eyes, of course, this is an insult to give them money contrary to the law. It is up to the chairman of the CEC to declare. If we entered the history of the SP, I would say that tomorrow is too late for the SP to go into the opposition. Let's talk about the behavior of the SP in these years" , said Topi.

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