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Rama denies having violated the Electoral Code, but what does the CEC say about the promises of salary and pension increases

Rama denies having violated the Electoral Code, but what does the CEC say about

Prime Minister Edi Rama announced a day ago the increase of 5 thousand ALL for pensioners for the month of April. The decision was announced by Rama after the meeting of the Council of Ministers and comes just one month before the May 14 local elections.

Likewise, Rama promised a salary increase, stating that the government's goal is to reach the limit of 900 euros.

Asked if these decisions constitute a violation of the Electoral Code, Rama denied such a thing, saying that his decisions and commitments have nothing to do with local elections.

"These are all issues, and they are all commitments that have been made and have nothing to do with the electoral code and have nothing to do with the elections. And above all for the pensioners who are above everyone and for 1001 reasons have given more than everyone and in this whole history of change they have received less for everyone" , said Rama.

The Prime Minister decided to respond again to the accusations of violation of the Electoral Code. As he always does, Rama made his reaction on Twitter. The prime minister described the accusations as "illiteracy", arguing that the article prohibiting salary increases refers to the period before the creation of the new government.

"Political illiteracy is worse than real or functional illiteracy! The article prohibiting salary increases 4 months before the elections is related to the political elections, which talks about the period before the creation of the new government" , wrote Rama on Twitter.

What does the Central Election Commission say?

The Electoral Code provides that "Four months before the date of the elections until the formation of the new government after the elections, it is prohibited to propose, approve or issue legal or by-law acts, which provide for the granting of benefits to certain categories of the population, such as acts that foresee the increase of salaries, pensions, economic or social support, the reduction or abolition of taxes, the establishment of fiscal amnesties, the privatization or giving of assets or rewards, etc., except when the initiative is conditioned by a state of natural disaster".

State Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi said in an interview for Panorama TV that if Rama decides to increase salaries and pensions today, there will be penalties and sanctions.

Celibashi said that the CEC is monitoring the behavior of public institutions.

"The truth is that that provision is related to the general elections for the Assembly, but in any case, in its spirit, the Central Election Commission is monitoring the behavior of public institutions. If he has an electoral promise, but if he decides today and finds the money, he cannot do this. If he says today, there are penalties and sanctions ," said Celibashi.

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