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KLSH's report on public companies: There are problems with staff recruitment

KLSH's report on public companies: There are problems with staff

Public companies are often criticized by regulators for the way they make appointments or dismissals in their staff, but it seems that the Supreme State Control has the same conclusion.

In the summary of last year's report, one of the points that KLSH deals with is related to the problems that were found during the audits in these companies, which are of different natures, but again everything starts with recruitment.

"In the audits of public companies, deficiencies related to: The lack of analyzes of regulatory, economic and financial issues on the part of joint-stock companies; Problems in the field of staff recruitment such as: appointments, dismissals, suspensions, resignations, position changes and salary changes without giving the relevant explanations, or differential and unfounded salary system; Ineffective expenditure of funds as a result of the illegal termination of labor relations", says the report of KLSH.

Meanwhile, it seems that another element which appears problematic in public companies is the procurement procedures.

The latter are problematic as a whole according to the HLSH since during 2022 audits have identified cases of illegality of public funds with economic damage consequences as a result of unfair disqualifications of economic operators; establishment of criteria not in accordance with the items of the budget, as well as the failure to argue in the record the requests regarding license categories, the number of employees and employment categories, the number and type of tools. The same tendency has been observed in public companies.

 "Problems in procurement procedures and the implementation of works related to: favoritism of Economic Operators, technical specifications that do not guarantee the required quality, the selection of the evaluation method contrary to the established principles, as well as unfair benefits of funds as a result of the liquidation of unfinished works/services; For electricity trading, the presentation of a fixed price for the quantity for sale or purchase, without referring to the hourly price of the stock exchange, has been requested; Failure to complete the asset register; etc," it is stated in the annual report of the SSC for 2022.

During the year 2022, the Department of Audit of Public Companies and Foreign Investments carried out a total of 26 audits, of which 18 are audits carried out in Joint Stock Companies, 6 in projects with foreign financing and 2 audits on the implementation of recommendations in the audits previous.

In the Department's audits during the period January - December 2022, a total of 807 recommendations were addressed in the audited institutions, of which: 467 measures are organizational, 136 disciplinary measures, 35 administrative measures, 74 compensation measures and 95 measures for economic management , efficiency and effectiveness of public funds.



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